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Why Work With Capital Business Brokerage?

Why should business owners trust Capital to sell their businesses or help them buy new ones? Because we have both the background and the vision to help you meet your goals.

We’re not here to just sit in the middle of a transaction. We’re here to help you get the right deal at a fair price, potentially taking you further than you could on your own or with another business broker in Michigan.

Long History of Selling Businesses

Proven Success

Our firm’s roots stretch back to 2000, giving us a long history of selling businesses in Michigan. We’ve helped people in our community like small business owners, serial entrepreneurs and commercial real estate owners successfully sell over 800 Businesses, ranging from restaurants to auto repair shops to manufacturing businesses and many more. Our sold volume stands at over $300 Million.

Not only does our firm as a whole have a strong sales history, but many of our business brokers have their own impressive credentials of starting, scaling, and selling businesses in Michigan.

Protect your Business

Business Confidentiality

Preserving client confidentiality is one of our core values. We understand that business owners may have a variety of reasons why they want listings to be confidential, such as to not scare away current customers or employees, or they might not want to give competitors this information. We value your privacy and will help you remain confidential through the initial stages of exploring a sale.

The Right Contacts

Financing Assistance

Obtaining quality, timely financing can lead to quicker closings and higher amounts of cash available to sellers when deals close. That’s why we prioritize helping sellers structure their businesses and prepare any necessary documents to facilitate SBA financing eligibility, thereby increasing the attractiveness to potential buyers.

We similarly help buyers determine and obtain the right financing options for their needs. In cases where a business is not eligible for SBA financing, we can help structure deals with Seller Financing making it affordable for potential buyers to acquire the business.

Understanding Valuations

Unique Approach

We get that selling business and determining valuations can be both an art and a science. We want to help our clients get as much as they can for their businesses within a reasonable timeframe. Yet as entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that sometimes other factors are in play, like finding a buyer who will stay true to a business owner’s core values. Our goal is to offer sound advice and professional counsel to both seller clients and buyer prospects to find the right matches in a way that makes everyone comfortable.
To facilitate these matches, we implement strong marketing campaigns and leverage multiple digital channels to maximize exposure. We also have a large, growing network of prospective buyers that we leverage to match those looking for businesses for sale in Michigan with our seller clients.

We Know Michigan

Local Expertise

If you’re looking to sell a business in Michigan, you likely want to work with a business brokerage firm that calls Michigan home. Our team has deep ties to business communities throughout Michigan. The state isn’t just a checkmark on our territory list. It’s where we live and work, and it’s a place that we want to contribute to positively.

Exclusively Representing Sellers

Transparent Representation

We primarily represent sellers, making it clear that we’re on the same side of the transaction as our clients, trying to get them the best deal. Yet this model can benefit buyers too, as we’re transparent about our position, so you don’t have to wonder which side we’re playing at any given moment.

In representing sellers, we want to help them find qualified buyers. That’s why we make ourselves highly accessible to both sides, and we’re proactive about facilitating deals. We can match prospective buyers with businesses for sale in Michigan that would be a good fit for them, as we want our sellers to be comfortable handing over the hard-earned reins.

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