Meet Our Team Of

Experienced Business Brokers

Greg Edgecomb

Gregory Edgecomb

President / Associate Broker

With over three decades of experience selling businesses and commercial real estate, Greg is an accomplished leader in the business brokerage industry. Prior to his career as a business broker, Greg was a successful entrepreneur who owned multiple businesses. In the year 2000, he founded Capital Business Brokerage and has since been at the helm of the successful sale of more than 800 businesses.

As a leader, Greg places a premium on values such as integrity, transparency, and strong work ethics. He instills these principles in his team of Business Brokers, who look up to him for guidance and mentorship. Driven by his unwavering commitment to his clients, Greg consistently strives to achieve positive outcomes in closing business and commercial real estate transactions fairly and honestly.

Haroon Bhatti

Vice President / Associate Broker

  • 2022 IBBA Deal Maker Award
  • 2022 IBBA Chairman’s Circle Award

As a seasoned broker, Haroon has been leveraging his comprehensive understanding of business and finance to assist clients for over ten years. With a Dual Masters Degree in Business and Finance, Haroon has the expertise to accurately assess and evaluate any business, allowing him to provide buyers and sellers with transparent and fair pricing.

Haroon has earned a stellar reputation in the industry as an accomplished advisor and broker, which he attributes to old-fashioned values such as hard work, delivering visible results, and consistently meeting his clients’ expectations. By upholding these values, Haroon has garnered the trust and confidence of his clients, and has built a loyal base of satisfied Buyers and Sellers over the years.

Rem Simanovski

Business Broker

Rem leverages his extensive entrepreneurship experience to provide his clients with top-tier service. His entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 20 when he purchased his own business, which he later sold successfully. This first-hand experience, combined with his modern approach, enthusiasm, and honesty, helps Rem to provide his clients with a seamless experience when buying or selling a business.

In addition to his entrepreneurial background, Rem is fluent in Russian and is deeply passionate about helping members of his local community achieve the American dream of owning a business in Michigan. His commitment to his clients and the community, along with his expertise in the business brokerage industry, make Rem an invaluable asset to his clients.

Brandon Huckstep Capital

Brandon Huckstep

Business Broker

Brandon Huckstep is a key member at Capital Business Brokerage, originally from Michigan. His expertise spans financial analysis, business operations, entrepreneurship, and relationship building. More than a typical broker, Brandon is a trusted advisor focused on delivering the best outcomes for our clients. His thorough approach to business transactions covers every detail, ensuring financial and operational excellence.

Brandon’s finance and business strategy background equips him with a distinctive skill set ideal for business brokerage. His talent in creating strategic partnerships and improving operations, paired with his entrepreneurial spirit, makes him invaluable to business owners.

Brandon is also deeply committed to community development, actively participating in initiatives that drive growth and provide resources. His business philosophy is deeply rooted in sustainable development and its positive community impact.

Skilled in handling the complexities of business transactions, Brandon ensures a seamless process for all involved. His dedication to client satisfaction and community betterment underscores his professional values. His diverse skill set and forward-thinking approach align perfectly with our firm’s mission to provide unparalleled service to our clients.

David Mora

Business Broker

David Mora is a Business Broker at Capital Business Brokerage. With a background in Financial Analysis, Business Operations & Management, and a passion for building long-term relationships, David brings a unique set of skills to his role as a Business Broker. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Howard University School of Law, where he specialized in Business Law, IP Law, and Criminal Law, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Detroit Mercy.

Prior to joining Capital Business Brokerage, David gained valuable experience as a Financial Representative, Licensed Insurance Agent, and Business Owner in Michigan. He is passionate about business, entrepreneurship, and personal development. He works closely with clients who want to sell or buy a business, leveraging his expertise to help them achieve their goals.

In his free time, David is dedicated to giving back to his community, volunteering with organizations including the Habitat for Humanity of Metro Detroit, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Detroit, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. When you work with David, you can trust that he will go above and beyond to help you achieve your business goals.


Omar Khan

Business Broker

Omar Khan stands as a distinguished member of Capital Business Brokerage’s team of business brokers. With a keen intellect and a deep-rooted passion for finance and business, Omar excels in navigating the complexities of each transaction. His commitment to understanding every nuance and his zeal for supporting entrepreneurs solidifies his role as a crucial asset to our firm and our esteemed clientele.


Gary Korleski

Business Broker

Gary leverages his extensive entrepreneurship experience to assist his clients in achieving their goals. With a history of owning and operating numerous successful businesses, Gary brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to his work. In addition to his business ownership background, Gary also owns a portfolio of commercial properties that provide him with frequent exposure to business owners.

Given his extensive experience in the entrepreneurial space, Gary possesses a keen understanding of the intricacies and nuances of various businesses. As a result, he is uniquely positioned to comprehend his clients’ objectives, as well as the operational aspects of their companies.

Micki Johnson

Micki Johnson

Office Manager

As the office manager at Capital, Micki brings with her a diverse skill set, including a strong background in Administration, Design, and Drafting. A graduate of Eastern Michigan University, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree. Micki’s passion for design and love for spending time outdoors with her family are just a few of her many interests.

With her exceptional interpersonal skills, meticulous attention to detail, and record-keeping expertise, Micki is a valuable member for the team of brokers at Capital. Her responsibilities include managing administrative and office-related tasks critical to ensuring the smooth functioning of the firm’s operations. By effectively managing these tasks, Micki enables the team of brokers at Capital to focus on providing top-tier service to their clients.