How We Sell Businesses in Michigan

Selling a business on your own can be overwhelming. Where do you even start to find a buyer, let alone determine a fair price and work out all the logistics? That’s why working with a business broker can be so valuable.

Our experienced business brokers will guide you step by step through our entire process of selling a business in Michigan. Our 10-step sales process includes:

Our Strategy

Our sales process steps


Business Evaluation & Owner Interview

We want to get to know you and your business.


Exclusive Listing Agreement

We’ll sign an agreement to work as your exclusive broker, which enables us to put in the resources to help you find the right buyer.


Seller Due Diligence Preparation

We’ll review all the details of your business that might not have been fully covered during the initial evaluation and make sure we properly stage your business in our confidential marketing materials. Our goal is to find areas of strength and opportunity for your business so it is attractive to potential buyers.


Targeted Marketing & Listing of Business

We’ll get the word out that your business is for sale at a level of confidentiality you’re comfortable with.


Potential Buyer Interview & Qualification

As we start to get leads for potential buyers, we’ll secure confidentiality agreements from them. We will also qualify the potential buyers before releasing any information regarding your business.

Businesses for Sale in Michigan
Businesses for Sale in Michigan

Buyer Offer to Purchase

We’re getting close! Someone wants to buy your business.


Buyer/Seller Negotiations

Like with most transactions, there can be some back and forth on pricing. The list price isn’t the only option.


Buyer Due Diligence

After agreeing on a number but before we complete a sale, the buyer will go through their investigation of the business and verification of the financial information that was provided to the buyer.


Preparation of Closing Documents

We’ll guide you through the paperwork to lock in the sale.



You did it! You sold your business!

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